Thursday, September 18, 2008

Welcome to Zion Gallery

Zion Gallery is more than just a collection of works of art. The gallery promotes an awareness of art in general. Zion strives to exhibit the paintings, drawings, and sculpture of contemporary self-taught, naïve, visionary and local artists. Our goal is to support a network of artists and provide an opportunity for customers to purchase pieces that are unique and exclusive.

Zion Gallery is located in the historic district of Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. Founded in 2005, by Bedford-Stuyvesant artist, Fedrecia Hartley. Zion Gallery functions to collect, preserve, study, document, interpret, and exhibit community artists and beyond. While these goals are common to many galleries, Zion Gallery distinguishes itself by emphasizing art's historical, cultural, and social contexts, with the experimentation and interpretation through workshops, special events and presentations.

The Art Gallery has 1200 square feet of exhibition space in two adjacent rooms. The Zion Gift Shop exhibits and sells artwork and handmade functional items from local and up-and-coming artists, designers and crafters.

Should you be in our vicinity (or planning a trip to the New York City area) we would welcome your visit. Zion Gallery is residential, and our staff is small, but we are generally here on Saturdays & Sundays Noon to 6:00 pm. It is always a good idea to call ahead to make sure that someone will be at the gallery to greet you. We are happy to make appointments for weekdays and evenings as well.

Fedrecia Hartley


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What you've done here is simply beautiful. I look forward to more.

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This blog is great!

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Thank you so much!